– Professor of international relations to the Faculty of social and political Science of the University of Lausanne

– Director of the Division of human rights and peace in the UNESCO from 1980 till 1983

– Executive secretary of the Committee on the population and the quality of life in the UNESCO from 1992 till 1994

– Founder member (in 1986) and President of council of the OMCT (world Organization against the torture) until 2002, he is the author of several works concerning the ideas’s history, the history and the sociology of the contemporary international relations, in particular Yalta, on 1985; La crise des Nations Unies (1988) ; De Yalta au Rideau de fer (1993) ; Politique internationale (1992, 5 editions) ; Mondialisation, souveraineté et théorie des relations internationales, (1998, 4 editions) L’humanitaire en catastrophe (1999), Critique de la mondialisation (2003). His latest book is named Le nationalisme. Le passé d’une illusion (2010).