Marco Paolini is an actor, playwright, author and an Italian filmmaker who’s been been part of various theatrical groups. He directed and produced many creations (Two little orphans – 1984, Il racconto del Vajont 1956/ 9 Ottobre 1963 – 1990 till 2000) . In 1999, he founded the production company Jole that will become Jolefilm in 2002 and takes care of his theatrical, film and editorial projects. En 2005, Marco Paolini receives a prize for his work on memory His last theatrical productions are : tribute to Mario Rigoni Stern, with Il Sergente nella Neve (2004), La Macchina del Capo (2009) and his last show Itis Galileo (2010) referred in the Agalma show. He has been designated Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Padua.