Discussion with Jean-François Peyret

Entretien avec Jean-François Peyret (Partie 1)

Entretien avec Jean-François Peyret (Partie 3)

Entretien avec Jean-François Peyret (Partie 2)

Entretien avec Jean-François Peyret (Partie 4)


Jean-François Peyret is author and stage director. From 1982 to 1994, he created with Jean Jourdheuil a dozen of plays from nondramatic texts (from Montaigne to Lucretius), and introducing the general public to the work of Heiner Müller. He led the Théâtre Feuilleton at the National Odeon Theater (1993-1994), where he created several plays with Kafka as a material. From 1995 to 2000, in residence at MC93 Bobigny, he presented a series of plays: the trilogy of the Traité des Passions, then Un Faust-Histoire naturelle (written with Jean-Didier Vincent), and plays around Alan Turing (Turing-machine, Histoire naturelle de l’esprit – suite et fin). He then created Le Traité des formes (in collaboration with Alain Prochiantz), a reflection-dreaming about the living and the artificial, the body and the machine, a variation on the theme of the human technical destiny that served as pretext the works of Ovid and Darwin. This research continued with Le cas de Sophie K (created in Avignon in 2005 and played again at the National Theater of Chaillot in 2006), essay on the work of the Russian mathematician and writer Sophie Kovalevskaïa. His last play Tournant autour de Galilée, created in collaboration with Françoise Balibar and Alain Prochiantz, was shown at the National Theater of Strasbourg from February 28 to March 16 2008, then at the National Odeon Theater from March 27 to April 19, 2008.

Discussion with Raphaëlle Aellig Régnier

Entretien avec Raphaëlle Aellig Régnier (Partie 2)


Raphaëlle Aellig Regnier was journalist for the newspaper La Suisse, then on the TSR news for national and international reports, and presenter of the weekend editions from 1996 to 2002. From 2002 to 2005, she worked on several TV programs such as Temps Présent, Mise au Point, Autrement Dit, etc. From 2006 to 2008, she was editorial producer of the weekly cultural TV program Singulier, a 30-minute talk-show with a personality from the world of thought and culture (Ben, Pierre Assouline, Bernard Haller, Frédéric Mitterrand, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Jacques Chessex, Michel Schneider, etc.). Since 2008, she works on the reporting TV program Passe-moi les Jumelles. In addition to her journalistic activity, she directs and produces several documentaries broadcast on national and international channels: Juntos, un retour en Argentine (2001), Le Passeur (2004), Les Villageois, chronique d’un village presque comme les autres (2006), Entre les Mains (2009).

The shared enigmas


Pierre Magistretti and François Ansermet, in a face to face, reveal the purposes and methods of this series of interviews they will undertake at Agalma Foundation. These interviews will address common issues related to psychoanalysis and neuroscience, but more particularly it will also address social issues. Listen to them.

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